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Welcome to Tutor Doctor of Ashburn VA

1-on-1 Tutoring In Your Own Home = The Tutor Doctor Difference

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At Tutor Doctor Ashburn we specialize in working with students in a one-on-one environment with a customized curriculum to meet each student's individual needs. All Tutor Doctor Tutors are matched with their students based on the Tutor Doctor "Magical Match" process ensuring that tutoring will get off to a quick start.

We have large network of qualified tutors available to assist your student in all subjects, test preparation and overall organization & study skills.

Tutoring Services in Ashburn Area
including Dulles, Ashburn, Chantilly, Sterling and surrounding areas

The Tutor Doctor Difference:

We Provide Tutoring for:

In Addition, We Offer:

  • Flexible time slots to accommodate your family's busy schedule

  • Affordable rates

Tutor Doctor of Ashburn would be delighted to arrange a FREE IN-HOME consultation where we can discuss and assess your student's educational needs. By getting to know your student's needs, abilities and learning style we can create an individual educational plan specific to them. Through our "Magical Match" program we will match your student with a Tutor Doctor tutor that has the right education, personality, and teaching style to achieve their educational goals.

Message of the week

Summer Learning Loss is Real!

The brain is like a muscle and when it's not used it atrophies. Like a muscle it must be constantly exercised and fueled properly. Students lose up to 30% of previously gained knowledge between the months of June and September due to lack of proper brain exercise. Get ahead of the Summer Learning Loss and ask us how we can help keep your student ahead of his or her peers.

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